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RAM 1500 Classic: it's the end for Canada


 r a m 1500  classic

Starting next year, the 1500 Classic truck will no longer be part of RAM's Canadian lineup as announced by the American manufacturer earlier this week. Production of the model has now ceased, meaning the last units arriving at dealerships soon will be the final ones.

Ironically, production of the RAM 1500 Classic continues in the United States and Mexico. Unfortunately, this is not good news as it indicates that the replacement for the model may not be ready to hit the market yet, leaving Canadian buyers without a solution for a more affordable truck from RAM.

An affordable solution

The RAM 1500 Classic was launched alongside the new generation of American trucks in 2019. However, the origins of the 1500 Classic date back more than 16 years as it was introduced to the market in 2008. Initially, it was supposed to be a temporary solution to ensure a smooth launch for the new, significantly more expensive RAM 1500 generation. However, the RAM 1500 Classic was a victim of its own success, and the American manufacturer simply decided to keep offering it. It's worth mentioning that the model accounted for nearly half of RAM's truck sales, which was quite significant.

Today, the price of the RAM 1500 Classic starts just below the $48,000 mark, making it one of the most affordable full-size trucks on the market. You'd have to spend nearly $6,000 more to get a new generation RAM 1500. Okay, granted, the two trucks don't offer the same level of technology, not to mention design and finishing. However, some people don't need ultra-modern equipment and simply want an affordable truck with good capabilities, and that's what makes the RAM 1500 Classic so appealing. In fact, to get a truck at the same price from the competition, you'd have to opt for a mid-size model that is far from offering as good capabilities as the RAM 1500 Classic.

A new generation

It's possible that 2025 will mark the arrival of a new generation for the RAM 1500, which could create a rather unusual situation. Indeed, you'll be able to choose between three different generations of new RAM trucks at the same time. It's a safe bet that the last units of the RAM 1500 Classic will sell out very quickly. In short, I don't want to pressure you, but if you're in the market for a full-size truck and your budget is tighter, it's now or never.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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