2022 jeep grand cherokee night vision camera

Jeep has always been a leader when it comes to safety technology, whether that’s keeping you safe on the road or off the beaten path. The new Night Vision Camera technology found in select 2022 models might be the most exciting new feature in recent memory, with the ability to provide a clearer view of the path ahead regardless of how dark it is out. Read on to learn more about Jeep’s Night Vision Camera with your source for all things Jeep in Toronto, Ontario: Golden Mile Chrysler.

How does Jeep’s Night Vision Camera work?

Using thermographic technology, and infrared sensors, the Night Vision Camera is able to scan for animals, pedestrians, and anything else with a heat signature. Showcased on the screen of the instrument cluster directly above the steering wheel, this technology adds an extra layer of safety when the sun goes down.

How far can you see with the Night Vision Camera?

The Jeep Night Vision Camera is capable of scanning up to 200 meters ahead, adding to your reaction time when it’s dark out. For example, if you were on the highway and doing 100 km/h, you would be aware of animals crossing the highway up to two seconds earlier. In the city, when there’s no limit posted, the speed limit is 50 km/h, giving you up to a four second heads-up for pedestrians or animals on the road ahead. While it might not seem like much, two to four seconds can easily be the difference between being in a collision or not.

2022 jeep grand cherokee night vision camera

Which models offer Night Vision Camera technology?

The Night Vision Camera is still relatively new technology, and has yet to find its way onto every model in the Jeep lineup. However, you will find this optional equipment on the models below, with more sure to be added in the upcoming years. 

Thanks to advanced safety features like the Night Vision Camera, Jeep’s aren’t just great for off-road adventures—they’re great for keeping you, and others on the road, safe. To learn more about any of the Jeep models mentioned above, or any other Jeep safety and technology features, you can explore the links above or simply swing on by Golden Mile Chrysler—the home of the Swinging Lady—and let a knowledgeable member of our team help you out. That knowledge goes beyond just Jeep vehicles, as we’re Toronto’s premier destination for all things Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram as well!