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Are Winter Tires Worth The Investment?

There is no more critical component to safe winter driving than a good set of tires. A set of tires that is too worn will not provide adequate traction – just like the wrong type of tires are going to be a problem when the temperature drips. So, are winter tires worth the investment? From our perspective, they are worth it. People are understandably wary of spending money on a set of tires they may only use for a few months. We reached out to some of our Golden Mile Chrysler service technicians to get their expert opinions on using winter tires to make our case. Let’s take a look at a few things you should know.

Why Are Winter Tires Better on Snow?

To the uneducated eye, it might be challenging to tell winter tires apart from other available options. The fundamental reason winter tires work better on snowy roads ultimately comes down to the rigidity of the rubber. A quality winter tire uses a rubber formula that stays soft and pliable in low temperatures; this helps the specially designed treads to get a better grip on the road. Using summer tires in the winter is dangerous because the exact opposite thing happens – the rubber gets too stiff, and the whole system breaks down.

Some of the other ways winter tires are different include:

Deeper tread depths reduce snow/ice buildup

Water and/or slush is easier to move away from the treads

More biting edges are available to make contact with the road surface

Do All-Season Tires Work On Winter Roads?

Most mass-produced, high-volume vehicles come with what the industry calls all-season tires. Make no mistake; these are great tires to own — if you live in the right environment. The reason automakers use them is that they will work well in many conditions, including light or moderate snow. However, there are some trade-offs to consider. Studies have concluded that all-season tires begin to lose effectiveness around 7° C. Below that mark, the rubber gets too hard and losing control of the car, truck, or SUV becomes a real possibility.

It is also important to note that winter tires will not fare very well on the warm, dry pavement found during the late spring and summer months. The treads will simply wear down too fast.

Can I Drive Faster While Using Snow Tires?

Winter tires are just another tool at the disposal of a driver. They are not magic. They will not overcome the laws of physics. Driving too fast for conditions is still driving too fast for conditions, even if the vehicle is riding on the best winter tires in the world. Drivers must operate their car defensively and leave themselves extra time to reach their destination in the winter.

Make an appointment with the Golden Mile Chrysler Service Department today if you’re ready to make the switch this year on installing a set of snow tires. You can make an appointment with us if you still have some questions to ask as well.

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